What is Dysphagia?

Dysphagia is a medical condition that causes a person to have problems swallowing. An estimated 15 million people in the United States suffer from dysphagia - 250 million around the world are currently afflicted. The occurrence of dysphagia is growing at 5% annually.

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Made in USA

Dysphagia Electrodes

The Difference is Clear.

  • Extremely low impedance
  • Total surface dispersion
  • FDA 510(K) cleared for use on the anterior of the neck**
  • Latex safe
  • ISO Certified
  • Highest quality materials and construction
  • Compatible with current stimulation units
  • More easily focused on target muscle groups
  • Reusable
  • Made in the USA!
Freedom Stim / Dysphagia Electrodes


The Freedom Stim™ line of dysphagia electrodes are FDA cleared for placement on the neck. These high quality, low impedance electrodes work with existing NMES devices for the treatment of dysphagia and offer a cost effective alternative for your healthcare facility.

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The uniform current elliminates hot spots and provides maximum treatment across the entire electrode surface.

  • Freedom Stim™ Dysphagia Electrodes work with existing NMES devices for the treatment of dysphagia
  • Silver (Ag) coated carbon film for reduced impedance, greater conductivity and uniform current dispersion
  • Higher posts allow better adherence to the lead wires during treatment
  • High quality dual layer of gel formulated for maximum reusability and will adhere better during treatment
  • Gel does not separate from carbon
  • Latex Free

Each kit includes:

  • (2) Tan Foam 2" x 3.5" (5cm x 9cm) Butterfly w/ Snap Electrode
  • (3) Skin Barrier Wipes
  • (3) Lotion Packets